Women Service

Despite the traditions and cultural values of Israelites, women are given due attention in the Old Testament.

There are such great women such as Deborah and Jael who humiliated the enemies and give victory to the people and help them have a peaceful life (Jud 4:5) There were such women of good understanding and beautiful countenance as Abigail (1Sam 25:3). There were also such great women as Mary, Moses ’sister, Ruth etc.  in the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, we even observe great attention given to women. Jesus gave much attention to women in his ministry, maybe to divert the views of Israelites on women (Jon 4). Proclamation of resurrection was first done by women (Luke 24:1-11; Mark16:1-8).

From the general observation made, it can be said the great majority of the believers in all churches, as in the society, is the women population. So, these people of great majority are to be given special care and proper attention.

To see it from a different perspective, women have a great role and special position. Women are mothers; women are great agents in the neighborhood as far as relationship is concerned. Women are mates and wives for their husbands, and act as pillars in the house in shaping and leading the household.

This means working on women means working on the children, who are the great men for tomorrow’s church and the great asset for the country. Working on women means working on the people in the neighborhood. Working on women means working on their husbands, as women are more active to influence their husbands. Working on women means working on society, as women are naturally active in creating a conducive social situation and reach others early with the message they have at hand.

Consequently, Global Mercy of God Church organize women’s service in the church to work on them accordingly. The church works on women in teaching, training, giving them pertinent Bible-based skill development, empowering and equipping them with the Word of God for their spiritual growth and enrage them for the Kingdom service.