Children Service

Children are the gifts of God (Ps 12:3). Children are the great men of tomorrow. The Bible says,” Train up on child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” That was what God ordered the Israelites to teach their children the commandments of God during their childhood period (Due 11:8-19).

It is very likely that children retain throughout their lives things they hear in their childhood period. Most of the people serving in the church as pillar resisting persecutions, are those that are born from a Christian family or joined Christianity in their childhood period.

It is true that parents care for the proper growth of their children. To this effect, they care, feed and nurture them.

As parents care for the proper growth and fulfillment of their later life, God wants, (and even more) to care for the proper growth and development of his children through Christ beginning from their early conception.

Accordingly, Global Mercy of God Church gives much attention to the spiritual, ethical, social and intellectual growth of the children at the church giving them appropriate Word of God in the children service section.