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It is evident that youth is a dynamic part of the society ready to go forward, tackle and challenge and accomplish its mission if equipped with the necessary skills and managed properly.

The same thing is true when it comes to youth in the church. There have been youth who have been strongly motivated with the heavenly message and have been working hard for the victorious life of men of God in the Old Testament. Here, citing such people as Joseph, Moses, David, and the three strong men of faiths Daniel, Hannah, Meshack and Azariah would suffice.

It was with this great assumption that Paul trained and engaged Timothy and recruited him in the ministry he was called to. It was with this belief that Paul says, “This and the things that you have heard of me, among many, witness the same commit them to faith the men, who shall be able to teach others also” (2Tim 2:2).

In line with this, Global Mercy of God Church organize youth in youth service and gives them pertinent lessons and trainings to help them equipped, to help them reach their generations and be stronghold in the service of the church and be partakers in the ministry of the Kingdom. The power of the Holy Spirit reaches them through the Word of God